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380 Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light Fixture

The 380 Series is a must for any explosive atmosphere location! This product has five different hub entries at each end, enabling the installer to wire the fixture at more desirable angles. Center ballast placement provides a more balanced fixture for ease of installation and weight distribution. The 380 Series is available in 2’ & 4’ lengths for 2, 3, & 4 lamp combinations in T5, T5HO, T8, T8HO. Lamps included.

NOTE: T5HO and T8 fixtures Normally stocked. Consult factory for non-standard fixtures. 5000K lamp standard for T5HO and T8 lamps. 4100K lamp standard for T8HO and T5 lamps.
All T5, T5HO & T8 are universal voltage. T8HO Lamp Type is not available in 2 Ft. fixture. 347 Volt is only available in T5HO, T8. 3 and 4 Lamp fixtures not available in 2 Ft. length. 3 lamp fixtures not available in T5 or T8HO.

380  |  Explosion Proof Fluorescent Light Fixture
Lighting Applications
  • Chemical Processing
  • Grain Processing
  • Coal Storage
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Paint Spray/ Powder Booths
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • UL844 (ClassI Div.1&2 / ClassII Div.1&2 / ClassIII)
  • UL1598
  • UL1598A
  • Wet/Damp
  • Paint Spray Listed
  • Simultaneous Presence
  • Marine Outside Saltwater
Lamps T5 / T5HO / T8 / T8HO
Output 14 to 54 Watts
Ambient -20°C to 40°C